What are radon levels like in British Columbia (BC)?

Radon concentrations differ from house to house and region to region, but every region in Canada has some homes with high levels.

Based on Health Canada’s 2012 Cross-Canada Survey of Radon Concentrations in Homes, 8% of homes in BC measured above the radon guideline of 200 becquerels per cubic metre (200 Bq/m3). However, in certain regions up to 29% of homes were above the guideline level.

Subsequent testing in communities has found regions with over 50% of homes testing above the guideline level.

Remember: no matter what percentage of homes in a region test above the guideline level, it’s impossible to know what the radon level will be in any given home until it is tested.  Every home needs to test!

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Radon Maps

Ken saw an ad on tv about radon and chatted with some friends who indicated radon could be a problem in their area. “Get your home tested! See where your radon levels are at!”

-Ken P. (Kelowna, BC)

High levels in Kelowna, BC

“When I think about the health of my kids, and radon being the leading cause of lung cancer in non-smokers, it’s a no-brainer to test!”                                

– Ruairi, Cranbrooke BC                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

High Levels in Cranbrook, BC

“We have a lot of comfort knowing our home is now safe.  I hope others will test and take action to keep their families healthy.”

– Kelsey, Kelowna BC 

High levels in Kelowna, BC

100 Radon Test Kit Challenge Reports

Find a Radon Test Kit from a company that works in BC:

BC Lung
British Columbia – Provincial Organization
Tel: 604.731.LUNG
Email: radonaware@bclung.ca
Return Postage: Additional Fee
Lab Fees: Included
Online orders accepted only.

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Radon Environmental
British Columbia – Organization Shipping Across Canada
Tel: (778) 327-4717
Email: info@radoncorp.com
Return Postage: Additional Fee
Lab Fees: Included
Telephone Orders Accepted
Order Online

What’s happening in British Columbia

Do you know of radon initiatives or events happening in BC? Is your municipality doing something related to radon?  Share your event!

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Organizational Stakeholders in British Columbia:

BC Lung Association

The BC Lung Foundation is an organization committed to giving British Columbians affected by a lung or breathing condition – hope, help and a voice.

ds lung cancer prevention society

Donna Schmidt Lung Cancer Prevention Society

Donna Schmidt Memorial Lung Cancer Prevention Society was established by Dana Schmidt, and son, Brian (2011 Nobel Laureate in Physics) following Donna’s death from Lung Cancer on 2 January, 2009. The society is a charity with the objective to reduce lung cancer from home and workplace radon exposure.