The White Ribbon Radon Testing Program provides free radon test kits for individuals who have been diagnosed with lung cancer as well as their family members.

Order a free radon test kit if you or a family member have lung cancer.

Register your start date for your radon test.

Register the date you finished the test and sent it back.

As an organization focused on preventing lung cancer, we want to make sure that we honour and support those who are currently living with lung cancer or have had family members with lung cancer.

Take Action on Radon has launched the White Ribbon Radon Testing Program,  an initiative to provide families who have been affected by lung cancer with free radon test kits.  If you know of someone who is affected by lung cancer you can let them know they can receive a free radon test kit.

Once you receive a radon test kit from the White Ribbon Radon Testing Program, you will need to register your information and the date you started your test kit.  Register it by clicking the “Start Survey” button.

After the detector has been in place for 91 days or more, you can return the detector to the lab using the envelope provided with your radon test.  Record your end date when you mail the detector back by clicking the “End Survey” button.