As a homeowner who has learned about radon, tested your home and you want to help others, there are things you can do to take action on radon and help your community:

Share information with neighbours.

  • Help us spread the word about radon testing and let you neighbours know that testing is easy. You can direct them to a list of providers here

Share your story.

  • Testing for radon is still a bit of an unknown concept, but sharing testimonials is a great way to help encourage others to test. Upload your story on why you think others should test here.

The Take Action on Radon team is available to support your community in continuing to build radon awareness and encourage radon testing. We can consult on building issues, present on the 100 Radon Test Kit Challenge, and make recommendations or provide guidance on municipal programs.

Basics in Mitigation:

  • Do you need to reduce levels. Let us know if you have any questions. You can find a mitigation professional to help online here

  • Have you already reduced your radon, you can enter to win the Radon Reduction Sweepstakes here.

  • Reducing radon levels is still a bit of an unknown concept. Share your feedback here to help educate others.

Advocate for change.

Here are a number of useful Canadian radon resources:

What is Radon?

What is Radon? – Interactive Presentation

Association quiz

Canadian Lung Association quiz

Policy Challenge

Health Canada Pamphlets

(the following pamphlets can be ordered in bulk by emailing radon@canada.ca)



Testimonials of people Affected by Lung Cancer and Radon