November is a perfect time to start your home radon test!

Listen in to our Ask the
Experts Q&A on RADON.

Do you have questions about radon? Listen in and hear how our experts answered them directly. Our panel included a medical professional, a radon researcher, a certified radon mitigation professional, and the manager of Radon Education and Awareness for Health Canada.

We will also provide the questions in written form and we will post them online here soon. Have more questions? You can still ask them here: Submit your radon questions

Our Experts:

  • Pierre Dubois – shares his story of learning how radon was connected to his lung cancer diagnosis
  • Jill Hubick, a nurse with the Saskatchewan Lung Association, talks about lung cancer and its health impact
  • Colin Dumais, radon mitigation professional with Radonwest – talks about how he reduces radon levels in homes and buildings
  • Kelley Bush manages Health Canada Radon Education and Awareness program, and talks about the government response at the national level and the development of the radon action program
  • Dr. Anne-Marie Nicol, epidemiologist with SFU/CAREX

Moderated by: Pam Warkentin, Take Action on Radon and CARST/C-NRPP
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I live in an apartment, do I still need to test for radon? How do I open my radon detector? What does the number on my report mean for the health of my family? We’re planning to renovate our basement – should we test before or after the renos are done?

Why? … Because when you test your home for radon, you’re investing in your future. Whether that future is the travel plans you’ve made for retirement, being present to play with your grand-kids, or all the milestones along the way. When you test your home for radon, you’re planning to avoid the entirely preventable lung cancer that’s caused by radon exposure.

Unlike other household dangers like carbon monoxide, radon doesn’t affect our health right away. Due to the long latency period of lung cancer, the health effects from long-term exposure to high radon levels are only likely to be felt years down the road.

So this November, think about it: ”Why do you Plan to be Here?”.

Why is Latency important?

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