Radon Measurement Professional is an individual who deploys and retrieves radon detectors and provides a report of the associated measurement results which are generated by a Radon Analytical Laboratory

Radon Mitigation Professional is an individual who interprets radon test results, and determines the most effective way to manage radon concentrations within buildings. This could include the requirement of further diagnostic testing, the design and/or installation of radon mitigation systems.

CRNCH Installer – an individual who has completed the Controlling Radon in New Canadian Homes, (CRNCH) Course and is knowledgeable about radon and proper installation of new building code requirements with respect to radon.

Individuals who are currently involved in providing homeowners services in their homes may be interested in adding radon measurement services to their offerings.  Find more information here. 

Certification and Training:

The Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program is Canada’s national certification program for radon professionals. You can find information about how to become certified on their website. They have a list of certification courses that you can take which include online and classroom course options, as well as a list of devices that have been approved for use.