Resources for Radon Stakeholders.

Are you a radon stakeholder?  Be sure to check out the campaign page on our website to find everything you need for Radon Awareness Month; from social media images and posts, to video scripts, a radon press release, radio ad scripts, and more!  All are free for you to use or to adapt to your own purposes.  In addition, be sure to follow us on social media to Like and Retweet our posts!

Join us this Thursday, October 25th for our Campaign Launch webinar.  We’ll present all the resources we’ve developed for your use this year, which include social media and online ads and graphics, radio and video scripts, and more!

Radon Professionals

If you missed CARST’s last newsletter (September 2018), then you may not have heard about the Awareness campaign that’s been developed just for you!  Check out the special page on our website where you can order awareness material for a library or health clinic in your community.

A New Radon Awareness Resource

Check out Dr. Aaron Goodarzi’s TEDx talk for a compelling re-telling of the radon story – perfect for sharing the radon message with all of your contacts!

Upcoming Events

Do you have a radon awareness event coming up? Let us know and we’ll help spread the word! Email