November 2023: In the forthcoming months, the National Radon Program with Health Canada is set to distribute approximately 1.4 million postcards to Canadian households situated in regions where approximately 17% of homes have tested above the Canadian Guideline of 200 Bq/m3 for radon levels. This initiative is an integral part of our ongoing commitment to public health and safety.

The distribution of these postcards will occur in two phases, half of the postcards delivered to homes between November 1 and November 16, 2023, and the other half slated for delivery in mid-January 2024.

This year, we are excited to introduce a new postcard design, which emphasizes the correlation between long-term radon exposure and an increased risk of developing lung cancer. Both postcards will also include QR codes. The QR code on the November postcard will direct recipients to, where they can conveniently purchase radon test kits.

The distribution of postcards in November will encompass the following regions and quantities:

  • Manitoba: 328,300
  • Saskatchewan: 119,278
  • Ontario: 74,161
  • Quebec: 48,746
  • Newfoundland: 3,794
  • Nova Scotia: 42,262
  • New Brunswick: 56,439
  • British Columbia: 63,311
  • Alberta: 35,288