BCLung Building Code
BC Lung Building Code

Radon can become trapped and accumulate in your home and other buildings unless systems are installed to prevent it. The BC Building Code now requires “extended radon rough-ins”—basic systems that can be upgraded once homes are occupied to ensure radon levels remain under Canada’s Radon Guideline in certain areas according to Table C-3 of the building code.

BC Lung Association and Simon Fraser University are conducting a study to learn about how the Code provisions are playing out in practice. As part of this project, they are inspecting radon systems in homes.

They are looking for homes to assess. If you agree to participate our C-NRPP Mitigation Professional will visit your home and conduct a visual inspection. Strict health and safety protocols will be followed. The process will take about one hour and you will receive a report detailing the results of our assessment of your home radon system.

Your name will also be entered into a draw to win an iPad!

They are currently recruiting homes across several areas in the Southern Interior of British Columbia which were built after January 1, 2015.

Please register online HERE

SFU ORE Application No.: 2020s0482

For any questions contact Noah Quastel at nquastel@bclung.ca

Funding for this project has been provided by:

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