Take Action on Radon has seen an increasing amount of interest from media to include ‘real life stories’ in their media pieces.  In our experience most people have received little training on how to talk with the media and feel more comfortable talking with the media if they have some quick tips from experts.

Preparing to talk to the Media – Webinar for TAOR Stakeholders and Homeowners

Presented by: Victoria Pickering, Pickering Communications

Recorded Webinar on: Thursday, September 26, 2019

The goal of this webinar is to help participants will understand how journalists/bloggers operate, know what to expect from an interview and how to interact during the interview.

Pickering Communications present a tailor-made webinar that address potential issues spokespersons may face when speaking with a reporter.

They provide tips on how to conduct an effective and compelling interview that builds their confidence and mitigates negative coverage.

The slide deck outlines the Dos & Don’s of speaking with the media and how to prepare for an interview is available here.

The duration of the webinar is approximately 45 minutes plus time for answering questions submitted by chat: